Where do you live? saken/saknee

OK, this one just has me stumped. In lesson 19, they teach you how to ask where someone lives and answer appropriately.

wayn saken? where do you (m.) live?
saken b’amerka. I live in America.

wayn saknee? where do you (f.) live?
saknee b’ish-sham. I live in Syria.

Do you see what’s driving me nuts here? The verb is not only conjugated differently between 2nd person masculine and feminine, the same thing happens in the first person as well! And the conjugations stay the same from 1st to 2nd person! So far, this is the only verb I’ve seen that does this. Any explanation or examples of other verbs doing this would be welcome!

Maybe it’s a state thing? If the verb connotes one’s presence in a particular area it does this? Dunno, just thinking out loud.

!شكرا يا أصدقائي